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Michael Goldberg

Next-Stage Development Group Partner

   Michael (Mike) Goldberg has over 30 years of senior level management experience at Mobil Oil Corporation. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Rochester in mathematics and received an MBA from the University of Chicago in Math Methods and Production Management.

   Mike began his career at Mobil in 1969 as a supply analyst.  In 1973, he became Assistant Manager of Crude Oil Supply and managed the worldwide crude oil operations for Mobil during the 1973 supply crisis.  During this time he developed several computer programs and models that helped to optimize the allocation of Mobil’s crude oil and to track deliveries around the world.  Following this experience, he became Corporate Manager of Crude Oil Supply Analysis.

   In 1982, after four years of selling and managing sales of crude oil to international customers, Mike moved to London to become General Manager of European Supply.   In 1984, the London supply group developed the first trading operation for Mobil, and Mike became Managing Director of Mobil Trading and Supply, responsible for crude oil and product trading throughout Europe.  In 1987, he was named Vice-President of Mobil Europe.

Goldberg became General Manager of Financial and Information Systems for Mobil in the United States in 1991.    In addition to managing this portfolio, he was a leading contributor to the management team that led the successful drive to move Mobil  from last to first among its major peers in the U.S. in per gallon profits.  He later headed the teams that re-engineered Mobil’s worldwide accounting, audit and information systems.

In 1996, Mike returned to the supply department as General Manager of Global Crude Oil Trading.  In addition, he took on responsibility for managing Mobil’s U.S. pipelines and integrated domestic crude oil trading with this operation.  The result of this merger was the first profitable operation of these pipelines post deregulation.

After the merger of Mobil and Exxon, Mike was asked to redevelop Mobil’s successful Speedpass effort for ExxonMobil. He led this effort as President of Speedpass Network until he retired in 2003.

Mike has served on the board of the Jewish Council for the Aging of Greater Washington since 1992.  He served on the executive committee in various positions including Vice-President for 9 years.  In 2000, he became President of JCA and served in that position for two years.

Mike is lead partner for the Next-Stage Development investment in Medipacs, Inc.

Mike is married to Marion, a retired editor.  They live in Washington, DC and have two children and two grandchildren.