Next-Stage Development Group
A Mid-Atlantic Business Advisory and Investment Group


   Next-Stage Development Group is a team of proven Washington area business leaders who will help bring your company and ideas to the "next stage."

   Collectively, our principals possess invaluable knowledge and a contact base developed from over 150 years of business experience. Next-Stage principals have each successfully produced significant growth and exits for a wide variety of business enterprises. We have experience in start-ups, finance, raising venture capital, and mergers & acquisitions. Our areas of expertise include both business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships in disciplines as diverse as technology, finance, marketing, leasing, retail, business outsourcing, engineering, manufacturing, legal services, and real estate.

   NXS believes business innovation today takes more than just great new products. It takes carefully crafted new business models to bring them to market. That's where we come in.

   Our mission is to identify and assist both 1) early-stage businesses with active operations and/or a strong proof of concept and 2) established businesses ready for next-stage growth and development. We also entertain engagements with companies in the process of retrenchment or restructuring.

   Once your company is selected by Next-Stage, we work closely with you as an advisory or virtual board. One of our principals will be on-call as your lead business advisor and coach. You will benefit from having direct contact with all our senior members. Our network of affiliated investors, technology experts and mentor fellows are available to further your project along. We will evaluate your business plan and assist in developing specific performance benchmarks. Our team will monitor these measures and provide assistance to keep your business on plan. In addition, Next-Stage Development Group may become an equity investor, up to a maximum of $300,000 per business, and can assist in procuring supplemental financing.

   Next-Stage Development Group demonstrates its commitment to your business success by working with you to structure incentive or equity participation based on our contribution to your progress. Unlike traditional consultants, we do not bill by the hour. Rather, our members serve as your trusted advisors and affiliates for the sole purpose of helping your enterprise achieve success.